News from the Field

Our missionaries work in areas of the world where persecution against them and their families is always a real threat due to their Christian faith. We can share our stories, but we take out information that may place them at risk.


  1. Israel and Manese started a new Bible study in a village with no church or group of believers.  Over 10 people have started attending and they meet weekly.
  2. Jean Paul has a friend who is a teacher. Through that relationship, he has been able to start a Bible study with other teachers from that school that meet once a week to study the Bible. These are not believers but they are interested in learning more about the Bible.
  3. Several children that Priscill and Esther work with have accepted Christ (these children all com from families with no known believers). They now go to church where our missionaries have the opportunity to teach them and encourage them as they grow in Christ.
  1. While James and Jude were visiting a village, they met two men who said that they were interested in Christianity. The next day the men came to their church and they had the joy of leading them to the Lord. Pray for these new belivers to grow in Christ.
  2. One man whose been in contact with some of our missionaries told them, “I know Christianity is better than the other religions, its testemonies are ture, but it is not easy for me to leave my religion”. Pray for God to work on his heart.
  3. Enoch and Morris hosted an open air evangelism in an unreached village and 150 people attended.  Please pray for continued open doors there and that people would follow Jesus.
  1. Jerry, one of our missionaries, has been building a relationship with his daughter’s elementary teacher. The man has now requested for a Bible study to be started in his home.
  2. Timothy and Sylvester, one missionary team, showed the Jesus Film in a village of 250 people last month, and another team showed it in front of 200 people. Please pray as they continue to follow up in those villages for people to come to know the love of Jesus Christ.
  3. Enoch led a couple to the Lord a couple of months prior and is currently doing discipleship classes with this couple, and they regularly attend his house church.
  1. In the year 2020, there were over 100 people that came to Christ through the ministry and missionaries of ARA.
  2. Multiple Bible studies and house churches were started in the regions where our teams work.
  3. Doors have been opened over the past year to start Bible studies in villages that have no known Christians.
  1. For months a young lady frequently visited our missionaries and watched the Jesus film on their tablet and asked questions about Jesus. Last month, she accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior!
  2. Morris and Linda who serve as our team leaders in the Gambia have been praying for a baby for 10 years. Baby Allen was born on November 17th. There were complications over the first week after an emergency c-section. He was on antibiotics, oxygen, NG tube for feedings, and had a blood transfusion. The Lord healed him and he is now home with his parents and doing well!
  3. There was a new convert in a community where we have a house church and he is now attending regularly as part of that community of believers.
  1. One of our missionaries who works in a very restrictive country led someone to the Lord last month after multiple visits with them and they were baptized this past month! For someone in that country to profess Christ and get baptized is a huge step of faith given the very high likelihood of persecution in that country which could even result in death.  Pray that the Lord will protect and grow this new believer.



  2. One of our missionary teams has been working with a group of people regularly for the past few months doing discovery Bible studies with nonbelievers teaching and sharing the Word of God. Over the past month, 7 of those people who had been attending the Bible study professed Jesus as Lord. Pray for continued spiritual growth and that this Bible study along with the others we have will grow to become local house churches.



  3. One of our missionaries had the opportunity last month to share the Gospel with the head representative of their region’s district as well as with the representative of the largest mosque in their region. Pray for these men to come to Christ.

Our God remains faithful in the mountains and the valleys. We have seen that over the past couple of months with our team as we have seen God demonstrate his faithfulness through both the good and challenging times. Below are some recent prayer requests and praises from our ARA missionaries. 

  1. One of our teams had the opportunity to share the Jesus Film to over 100 people in a completely unreached village. As a result of that interaction, they now have invitations to do discovery Bible studies in that village with people interested in learning about the Bible.
  2. One of our missionary families moved to the North region which is the most unreached area of that country. They have already been well received by their Musl*m neighbors in the community.
  3. One of the new teams have been continuing to build relationships, have several people that they are doing Biblical storytelling with, and are continuing to acquire the local dialect of the region.

Prayer requests:

  1. We have had several of our missionaries who have lost their mother or father in the past few months. Please pray for them as they grieve that they would feel the comfort of our Heavenly Father.
  2. There has been increased unrest in one of the countries where we have a team. Please pray for stability in that country and for God to open the eyes of the people there to the truth of the Gospel. 
  3. We have several Bible studies that have started among unreached people groups over the last few months. Please pray that the Lord will grow these into cell groups and house churches eventually.  

Let’s give praise to the Lord for what He is doing among the unreached in Africa! Please continue to pray for the requests above and for all of our missionaries to persevere as they work in difficult circumstances.

We had an evangelization campaign in a village. We communicated with the villagers on the importance of our coming to their home, and helping them understand salvation in Jesus Christ. We had a day of prayer for the village that souls would be saved, Discovery Bible studies would be established, and that the devil’s plan to prevent the salvation of souls would be destroyed. We projected the Jesus Film in the village. Over 100 people gathered to listen to the Word of God. We are praying for the seeds sown in this village to sprout through the power of Jesus Christ. We returned to the village to visit those who had converted. We had a time of teaching with them and exhortation. We have encouraged these new converts to remain attached to the Lord and to always rejoice in Christ according to Philippians 4:4. The head chief of this village said he is happy to allow us to replay the Jesus Film and that we can set up Discovery Bible studies where people can study and learn the Word of God. 

-Excerpt from ARA missionary field report

After the sport’s fellowship ministry in the village, the Jesus Film Show was shown that night for the very first time in the history of the village and was in their local dialect. That night, the Villagers saw Jesus Christ, His Life, Ministry, Miracles and  His Resurrection Power from the grave. More than 10 women waited to be prayed for after the Jesus Film Show. We then instructed them to come to our host compound Sunday Morning, by 8:30 AM, and they did. On Sunday morning, in the Village where the team spent the night,  both men and women came to our host compound.  Together, we did an opening prayer, and asked them for their views of the Jesus Film they saw. That day the House Church Fellowship was planted within a village that is 65Km from the main city in that region.

-Excerpt from ARA missionary field report